Randi is a professional technologist and an amateur mom. She is extremely passionate about encouraging women and girls to take on bigger roles in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and feels that media and pop culture is the best way to spread this message. In 2012, Randi started Zuckerberg Media with the mission of creating meaningful media projects to support this goal. If you liked this book, come party with Randi on Sprout with "DOT." her animated children's TV show about a tech-savvy girl and friends, or join her on HSN "American Dreams" featuring entrepreneurs from around the country, or listen to her weekly business show, "Dot Complicated,” on SiriusXM channel 111. Randi has a B.A. from Harvard University and lives in NYC with her husband, Brent, and sons Asher and Simcha.


Natasha Lewin is a civil and human rights activist, first, and an award-winning writer second. She resides in Los Angeles. 


Joan Coleman is an illustrator and designer specializing in children's artwork, fashion and home decor. She has been a professional artist for over ten years. inkwonderland.com